Quinoa Tabbouleh


This has got to be one of my favourite recipes, well its really not an exact recipe. Because it’s really your taste buds and what you like, except the main ingredient is parsley. Parsley is a natural diauretic it’s so good for you and has a lot of green power. Normally you add bulgur but I substituted it for quinoa I like the taste of quinoa it’s packed full of protein and fibre. It is one of the few plant foods that is considered a complete protein which means it contains all the essential amino acids your body can’t naturally produce. I like to always have cooked quinoa on hand for easy dish preparation, so I always make a huge batch of it for breakfast lunch dinner.

PARSLEY a large bunch –       First take your stems off and chop your parsley up really fine.  I like to chop it with a knife as some people like to use a processors, I just find it taste better chopped up manually. I know it’s just my thing do whats best for you. Place in a large bowl.

CUCUMBER three small ones or one large –  Chop up your cucumber fine and small and I like to leave on the skin as it has so many health benefits. Cucumbers have so much water content which is great hydration. Add to your large bowl.

TOMATO one large one –    Chop up your tomato small and drain off any excess liquid from the tomato. I find it dilutes the flavour of the lemon and olive oil. Tomato’s are a great antioxidant. Add to your large bowl.

LEMON three small ones or two large –   Juice  your lemons and make sure not allow the pits in. I like to use a lot of lemons, the more lemons you add the more flavour you will get. Pour the juice into the large bowl with the parsley and vegetables.

QUINOA – I like to add equal amounts of quinoa to parsley. But you can make this your own and add as much as you like. But I try to let the parsley be the main component of the dish. Add to the large bowl with the ingredients.

OLIVE OIL two to four tablespoons –  I like organic cold press greek olive oil, just my recommendation you can get any olive oil you like, Pour over the ingredients.

SEA SALT sprinkle a bit in and mix everything up and enjoy! It’s that simple and so nourishing for you.








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